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About me

As a contemporary landscape painter my work aims to explore the power of stillness that exists in the connected space where sky and the land meet.
I grew up in Cambridge, UK and the East Anglian Fens and my work is inspired by the wide, open skies and the far reaching landscapes.  My current practice draws on this early relationship between land and sky.
After studying 3D Design and a Degree in History of Art I taught Fine Art for over fifteen years before leaving to focus full time on my own professional practice.
Returning to my innate understanding of the liminal spaces in the landscape my collections in acrylic and mixed media focus on capturing the sense of consolation in the still spaces in the Chiltern Hills where I now live and the wild landscapes of the Yorkshire Dales and the Scottish Western Isles.
I strongly believe in the power of art to still, calm and console where it can touch the sense of what it is to be a small part of an infinite space.

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