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Learning is fundamentally about igniting, developing and extending your own passion through creating and expressing yourself.

 I'm committed to helping you discover and tune your unique artistic voice. 

My approach is built on:-

Collaborative Learning: My workshops do not simply focus on instruction, techniques or how to paint like me but seek to create a warm and inclusive environment where artists of all levels can come together, share ideas, and learn from one another. 

Compassionate Support: Creating art is a deeply personal experience and our visual journey is never fixed. Every course and workshop has at its core personalised support and guidance throughout empowering you to grow and develop as an artist.

Nurturing Your Creativity: creativity flourishes when you are enabled to take risks, play and have fun in a safe and nurturing space. My workshops are designed to provide you with a range of tools, techniques, and inspiration which you can then use to express yourself in your own practice. ​Whether you're a practicing artist looking to refine your skills and thinking or a beginner eager to learn, there is a workshop for you. When workshops are released there is always limited availability so sign up to be the first to hear of up coming dates and promotions.  


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Saturday 23rd March 2024

Workshop Information

Artists' sketchbooks are powerful and inspiring but sometimes intimidating right? This workshop aims to show that sketchbooks are wonderful places to explore, play and excite your creativity. We will have fun filling a concertina sketchbook with exciting ways to manipulate and layer media using ink, collage, paint, chalk and pen. You will be given opportunities to experiment with different ideas, techniques and ways of working but your own personal and artistic style, preferences and approaches will shine through this sketchbook by the end of a the day.

Hosted by: Watlington Arts Hub

Venue: Methodist Church, Watlington, Oxon, OX49 5BT

Resources: Sketchbook and all art resources provided

Spaces:  Limited to 10

This workshop is designed to:-

  • Explore fun and exciting ways in which your concertina sketchbook can be used to 'play' and develop your ideas using a really wide range of media and techniques . 

  • Emphasise your personal and individual artistic expression, accommodating your diverse styles and preferences

  • Explore creative ways to reconnect sketchbook freedom of media and approaches without being genre specific. 

  • Build opportunities for you to experiment and push your creative boundaries in a safe and above all fun way.

  • Offer a supportive and collaborative environment, encouraging you to share ideas and insights

NEW DATES coming soon

1 day Workshop: Monoprinting the Landscape 

This course 'Monoprinting the Landscape' aims to:-​

  • Introduce the concept of large scale  mono printing techniques to adapt a way of sketching the landscape. 

  • Build landscapes through a series of engaging exercises and activities to build onto and develop your initial print sketches. 

  • Demonstrations and discussions on various mono print and mixed media techniques, encouraging you to play with ink, paint and collage having fun building layers. 

  • One-on-one feedback throughout to provide personalised support as you work on your own project. 

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