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My Work

Land - Sky - Connections

'Watlington Series'
These three long landscapes below reflect my emotional and familiar walks through the the beautiful and inspirational South Oxfordshire Chilterns.  They take you on a journey around Watlington Hill looking out and into the far distance, a walk which has sustained me and my family over many years.

Watlington Series
Work in Progress_edited.jpg

These paintings were developed by building many acrylic glazed layers on either stretched canvas or cradled panel.  The long landscape format of 100x30cm really draws your eyes to the horizon and the depth of the summer skies.


The so slow slide from the dark, cold, wet and grey of UK Winter into the first touches of Spring with its hints of blue skies to come and tentative greens is one of the most alluring times of year.  These works fill me with hope and expectation of the warmth and sun to come in the beautiful Chiltern Hills


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